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'Koraaliaana - Miniature' was composed in 1985 and was a favourite work at Bass-Fest (UK) for many years. Lasting around ten minutes, this is Teppo Hauta-aho at his very best writing music which is engaging and interesting to play and demonstrating the many tonal and timbral possibilities of the double bass quartet. In four clearly defined sections, the piece offers much to the enterprising and adventurous quartet who are looking for an original work which has much to say.

The introduction is free rhythmically. Basses 3 and 4 work together in time as a ground bass with bass 1 and 2 playing without metre and in the higher registers. The second section is the introduction of the chorale theme, now in time, but with added 'Teppo touches' to create something a little different. A slower middle section, played primarily in the lower register, contrasts music of a more chordal nature, with varied rhythms and chromatic notes to add interest and atmosphere. The piece slowly winds down and relaxes onto a chord of A and E, neither major nor minor.

'Koraaliaana' is a fascinating work and full of colourful textures and timbres. There is scope to create wonderful musical tapestries and landscapes and to demonstrate the more lyrical and sonorous qualities of the double bass quartet. Beautiful music from a great composer.

There are two possible endings - one is bass 2 is a 4-stringed instrument and the second if bass 2 is a 5-stringed instrument.

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnoXvdHU6zc

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Cat No. RM961
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Price £12.00
ComposerTeppo Hauta-aho
CategoryDouble Bass Quartet
Difficulty level7 - 8, Advanced
ISMN 979-0-57045-961-2
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Published 18th December 2017
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