For My Cherokee Ancestors

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The Fizz @ 50 series

A series of fifty short pieces for double bass and piano from composers throughout the world, instigated by David Heyes to celebrate his 50th birthday. Each composer received a bottle of champagne (Fizz) as payment.

The composer writes: 'For My Cherokee Ancestors lasts just over four minutes and was written to honour my ancestors who had been so much of a mystery to me. My family always knew that we had Cherokee blood on my mother's side, but only recently was I able to trace our heritage back to Chief Pathkiller, the last ancestral chief of the Cherokees. Only a few years after he died in 1827, the Indian Removal Act, which sent Native Americans to territory west of the Mississippi River, marked an end to the world my ancestors had known. Those last years of that traditional life were in my mind as I wrote this piece.'

For My Cherokee Ancestors was premiered at Wells Cathedral School (Somerset, UK) on Sunday 24 February 2013 by David Bossanyi (double bass) and Gus Tredwell (piano).

American composer Mary Rae, was born in Washington DC and graduated from Boston University. In Boston she studied flute with Michelle Sahm and voice with Jocelyn Alaimo and Clara Shear. Mary now lives in South Florida and has written a range of successful works for piano, flute and orchestra, as well as for the double bass.

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Cat No. RM564
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Price £6.00
ComposerMary Rae
CategoryDouble Bass & Piano
SeriesFizz @ 50
Difficulty level7 - 8
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Published 19th March 2013
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