Achavanich Wish

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Achavanich is a magical place in the Caithness landscape. An ancient stone setting rises from the moorland, beside a quiet loch, under an endless sky.

No one really knows why the ancient people of the Far North created this horseshoe of massive stones in such a remote landscape. Archaeologists can only guess that the site may have had some ritual significance when the stones were erected over 3,000 years ago.

In this magic location, the shifting energies of the natural landscape of the Flow Country combine with a tangible, ancient eneregy which swirls within the stone setting.

The ideal place to make a wish...

Achavanich Wish is a lively, atmospheric and evocative work which offers effective and accessible challenges for each instrument. The 'Scottish snap' locates the music accurately and there is scope for each string orchestra to create a range of colours and textures, producing a work which has a timeless quality and message to convey.

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Cat No. RM520
Supplier Code RM520
Price £20.00
ComposerKatrina Gordon
CategoryString Orchestra
ISMN 979-0-57045-520-1
EAN-13 9790570455201
Weight 184 grams
Published 26th June 2012
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