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The Fizz @ 50 series

A series of fifty short pieces for double bass and piano from composers throughout the world, instigated by David Heyes to celebrate his 50th birthday. Each composer received a bottle of champagne (Fizz) as payment.

Catherine Smet writes: 'I am very attracted to irregular bars like 5/4 and 7/4 and on my first CD I included a piece in 7/4 and enjoyed creating many polyrhythms between the two hands. Apart from Balkan music, and some others, it is rare to find pieces for students with these time signatures, which is why I was drawn to the idea.

A long time ago I discovered 'Conference of the Birds' - a jazz standard composed by Dave Holland which is in 5/4 and is really great to play. Having found this piece I decided that one day I would write a piece like this. 5/5 is my tribute to the great Dave Holland and I hope is enjoyed by bassists of all ages.'

5/5 is lively, rhythmic and jazzy, with both arco and pizzicato challenges for the young bassist. Several sections can be played an octave higher than written, opening it up to more advanced players, and its rhythmic drive and momentum should prove popular with players and audiences alike.

5/5 was premiered at Wells Cathedral School (Somerset, UK) on 2 October 2011.

Belgian composer-pianist Catherine Smet graduated from the Jacques Dalcroze Institute and studied at the Academies of Music in Brussels and Antwerp. Courses in jazz harmony, improvisation and composition, alongside a study of Cuban and Argentinian music, have influenced her playing and compositional styles. She currently teaches musical development and piano at the 'Maison de la Creation' (Laeken, Brussels) and 'Blanches et Noir' (Saint Gilles, Brussels) and is interim professor of rhythm and musical theory at the Jacques Dalcroze Institute.

Catherine Smet has performed in many musical styles, including jazz, improvisation and Latin-American music, and is a member of the trio 'Rueda Libre' (piano, bandoneon, double bass). She has played with many leading jazz musicians, has performed with various ensembles including 'Rythmiss', 'Bario Latino', 'Urbango' and 'Tango 02', has performed on many recordings and her compositions have been played and recorded around the world.

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ComposerCatherine Smet
CategoryDouble Bass & Piano
SeriesFizz @ 50
Difficulty level6 - 8
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Published 20th December 2011
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