Jesus Autem Transiens

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Recital Music publish a wealth of original works for double bass alongside a popular, accessible and growing range of transcriptions for bassists of all ages and abilities. Most transcriptions published by Recital Music are by David Heyes, who has a successful and proven track record when arranging for double bass.

Robert Wylkynson [Wilkinson] (c.1450-1515?) was at Eton from 1496 to 1515, first as parish clerk and then from 1500 as master of the choristers. His nine-part Salve regina and his Apostles' Creed (Jesus Autems Transiens) for 13 voices are the last entries in the manuscript and possibly were copied by him. Wylkynson's work has suffered severe losses, for only three of his eight works survive complete; but what remains shows Wylkynson to have been an extremely ambitious composer and a more than competent one.

All that remains of his work is an early 16th-century manuscript in the Eton College Library. The index shows that it originally contained 97 compositions, and of the 43 which remain 4 are by Wylkynson.

The 13-part canon, a setting of the Apostles Creed, is prefixed by the words 'Jesus autem transiens'. A part is assigned to each apostle, and their names are placed at the beginning of that part of the Creed which each is traditionally said to have written.

This new edition for double basses or cellos, completed in 2011 by David Heyes, includes three possible performance options.

1) Everyone plays Version A - in the same register.

2) Most players play Version A, but several players (possibly basses 4, 8 and 12) play version B which is an octave lower to give the work a greater depth of colour and texture.

3) Version 3 is aimed at the intermediate bass ensemble and everyone plays the same music and in the same register.

As this is a canon everyone plays the same music - Bass 1 begins at line 1 and bass 2 enters when bass 1 moves to line 2. Everyone plays all 13 lines and then repeats line 1 before stopping. The work begins with bass 1 playing alone and ends with bass 13 repeating the nine-note plainsong theme of line 1 which underpins the entire work. It is suggested that line 1 is played fortissimo and then a range of dynamics employed to create interest and contrast.

The music examples give an indication of the range and difficulties of the three versions and the printed edition will include 14 copies - 13 for the players and 1 for the conductor.

English composer John Alexander has also created a new edition of this work, carefully revoicing the parts to create a magnificent and monumental work for the adventurous double bass ensemble. This will be published in 2012 to celebrate John Alexander's 70th birthday.

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ComposerRobert Wylkynson
ArrangerDavid Heyes
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Double Bass Ensemble
SeriesTranscriptions Series
Difficulty level6 - 8, Advanced
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Published 11th January 2012
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