Dancing Centipedes

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The Recital Junior String Ensembles Series series

Recital Music publish a wealth of music for the junior string orchestra ensemble, in a range of popular styles and idioms. Our aim is to create a new and exciting selection of music for every level of string player, from beginner to professional, and to offer music which has great player and audience appeal.

Dancing Centipedes was composed in the early 1990s and is a lively, fun and rhythmic piece for the junior string orchestra. There are accessible technical and musical challenges for each instrument and the alternating metres of 5/4 and 6/4, alongside a range of articulations and dynamic contrasts, help to provide useful new study and performance material for young musicians.

Parts are provide for Violin 3 and Viola, each playing the same music, and both lines are included in the score.

Dennis Leogrande writes: "Please keep in mind that these are happy centipedes - that's why they are dancing!"

Dennis Leogrande has been a music educator and supervisor of music in New Jersey (USA) public schools where has has taught band and string instruments to students aged four to eighteen years, as well as directing bands, jazz ensembles and orchestras.

He holds a Masters degree in Music Education from New York University and a Supervisor of Music degree. In addition to his teaching, Dennis Leogrande has written numerous works for the educational market, composed for animated films, and operates a digital recording studio where he records local artists.

Recital Music publish a number of exciting and accessible string orchestra pieces by Dennis Leogrande.

See http://thegreatkatestudio.com/

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Cat No. RM337
Supplier Code RM337
Price £22.50
ComposerDennis Leogrande
CategoryString Orchestra
SeriesRecital Junior String Ensembles Series
Difficulty levelBeginner, 1 - 2
ISMN 979-0-57045-337-5
EAN-13 9790570453375
Weight 1 grams
Published 25th July 2011
Availability 6 in stock
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