Between Ether and Earth

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Composition which places matter in opposition, the Earth, represented by a country dance in 3/4, and the fluid world, the Ether, (or the ethereal world) the central part, suggested by pizzicati, ponticelli, glissandi etc. The finale inexorably leads back to matter in a lively 2/4. [Jacques Vanherenthals]

Jacques Vanherenthals (b.1948) began his musical career as a double bassist at Antwerp Opera, now Flemish Opera, in 1969. From 1973-1988 he was at the RTBF Symphony Orchestra, in 1988 he became Director of the Academy of Nivelles and the following year was appointed Director of the Academy of Music, Dance & Spoken Arts of Forest, where he headed the educational team until June 2010. He also held the post of instructor in chamber music at the Brussels Conservatory from 1984-2006.

Along with his activities as a virtuoso double bassist, he wrote numerous works for the instrument and in 1982 created the Brussels Double Bass Quartet, with which played, for ten years, over 300 concerts with the Jeunesses Musicales and many others in Louisiana, Quebec, Ontario, France, Italy and Belgium.

From 1987-2005 he was Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of La Chapelle des Minimes, where he conducted more than 160 cantatas as well as the great choral works of J.S. Bach. He is also founder and Artistic Director of the Ensemble Orchestral de Bruxelles which he created in 1994 with fellow bassist Eric Demesmaeker and musicologist Richard Dehon.

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ComposerJacques Vanherenthals
CategoryDouble Bass Quartet
Difficulty level8, Advanced
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Published 21st May 2021
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