Sonata in B flat major

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Joseph Bodin de Boismortier (1689-1755) was a French Baroque composer writing a wealth of instrumental and vocal music. He was one of the first composers to have no patrons, having been awarded a royal licence to engrave music in 1724, and became a wealthy man from the sales of his music.
Boismortier was a prolific composer and he, alongside Rameau, lived through the Rococo age of Louis XV both writing music of great elegance and sophistication which proved popular with performers and audiences alike.

Sonata in B flat major for violoncello & double bass is in four contrasting movements and was edited by American bassist-composer Bertram Turetzky. The opening Andante is dramatic and confident with effective canonic interest, contrasting a more dance-like Gavotta full of rhythmic energy and momentum. A lyrical Andante in G minor is elegant and stylish, only 12 bars long, ending with an exciting and exuberant Presto abounding with good humour and cheerful invention.

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ComposerJoseph Bodin de Boismortier
EditorBert Turetzky
CategoryCello & Double Bass
Difficulty level6 - 8
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Published 29th July 2019
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